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Here is a small selection of articles about us written in the press.
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(All articles are in Danish)

Wood Supply

20th of December 2022

House Nordic lowers their prices - we all have a responsibility.

Article Erhverv+

19th of September 2020

House Nordic has experienced a solid growth during the recent years - now employing 50 people.


7th of March 2019

Not more than 2 years ago Henrik Jørgensen founded House Nordic, and is already employing 15 people on full time and exporting to 24 different markets.

Article Wood Supply

8th of March 2019

2 year old company: furniture with 15 employees and export to 24 different markets.

Article Wood Supply

30th of October 2019

Local furniture company on a crazy ride. In less than 3 years Henrik Jørgensen has created a business with more than 30 employees and export to 25 different markets.

Article Wood Supply

10th of September 2020

2019 was another show-off in rapid growth for House Nordic, furniture wholesale company situated in Soendersoe, Funen.

Article Wood Supply

8th of April 2020

Young furniture supplier in a pandemic era. We need to help each other finding new ways.


27th of March 2018

House Nordic is one of the companies situated on Nordfyn which has experienced the most rapid growth. In their opinion, the success is not only due to nice products.