Living room

Explore our products for the living room

A beautiful green oasis in the living room


Explore our wide selection of cushions in trendy colors and designs. Amazing textiles with 3D effect and structural patterns.

Lido lounge sofa

The sofa with the perfect size. Available in many different colors.


Soft blankets for the cozy corner.

Venezia coffee tables

Stylish coffee table with a warm brass look or classic black. By combining 2 different sizes you will add something extra to your look.

Amazing blue

Havana rugs

Beautiful rugs placed under the coffee table complete the look of any living room. Available in 3 colors and several sizes.

Lido lounge sofas

The lounge sofa that fits into every home. Trendy colors and soft materials. Find your favorite sofa.

Lugano coffee tables

Amazing coffee table in oak tree with minimalistic design.

Indo baskets

The beautiful set of Indo baskets baskets in braided rattan is just one of our many sets. Be inspire here.

Soft and white

Hellerup coffee table

A round sofabord creates a special atmosphere. Especially with a retro design and a warm color from the walnut veneer like our Hellerup coffee table.

Savona lounge chair

We bring a little of Nature inside with the Savona lounge chair. It is designed in cooperation with Morten Georgsen. A true statement piece.  

Havana rugs

A round tæppe for the coffee table, a beautiful rug for the dining table or a hallway runner for the entry hall. Check out our selection of Havana rugs.

Candle holders

Beautiful candle holders in ceramics with amazing, reactive glaze in trendy colors.