Our DNA and history

About House Nordic

House Nordic is a Danish furniture wholesale supplier with passion for furniture and interior products. The company was founded in 2017, and our warehouse is located in Soendersoe, North of Funen. House Nordic has a wide range of furniture and interior products and is well-represented with many different types of retailers - from Furniture stores to Online retailers, Flowershops and Garden Centres.

The company was founded by Henrik Jørgensen, and it all started in Henrik's kitchen. With the feeling that there was an unmet demand on the market, Henrik started to put together a small collection of furniture.

A range of furniture with 'High value for money' was created. He then visited potential customers across Denmark, and the business started to grow quite quickly. In the beginning he got assistance from his retired father. They packed and shipped all orders together, and we're so lucky that Henrik's father continues to be a part of House Nordic today. 

After 6 months the first employee was hired and today we employ 50 people working full-time. We are exporting to more than 40 different markets across Scandinavia and Europe. The capacity and willingness to constantly develop and challenge ourselves is essential and a great part of our success.  

"We have a strong focus on adapting to the demands of our customers. It is just as important as simple sound business practice. It's key to our business", says Henrik.

The wide customer base and the fact that we are stocking all of our products, make us capable of providing our customers with the best service and shortest delivery time possible. We want to continue our development - this is why we put a strong focus on product development and renewal of our collections on a regular monthly basis. We will continuously introduce new items, but also new product categories and groups.

Based on more than 25 years of experience, House Nordic offers a wide collection of furniture and interior products carefully selected from the best suppliers across the world. We have a strong focus on offering high quality products with high value for our customers - and their customers. We're designed to create value.

Our very dedicated and experienced Purchase team is creating strong and trendy collections each season inspired by Nordic living style - to meet the big demand for Scandinavian products. The popularity of Nordic living style is not without reason. In Scandinavia we are very well-known for our minimalistic and natural expression, and many Danish homes have been influenced by this trend for decades - and it is still popular. Some of our bestsellers and everlasting products reflect this and they will continue to be a part of our range. 

Our catalogue is launched twice a year - explore it here.