Accessories across rooms

It's all about the details.

Accessories for living room, entry hall and office

Candle holders

Reversible candle holder for tealights and pillar candles in smoked and rose glass.


Discover our wide range of vases in ceramic and colored glass.


These cushions with 3D effect look amazing and are perfect for combining with other cushions to create the perfect cozy area.

Decoration objects

Amazing and unique decoration objects in beautiful teak. Check out our range of decorative elements to personalize every room.

Accessories for dining room and kitchen

Trays and bowls

NEW! Alfaro tray in waterhyacinth and metal. Brings cozyness and warmth with the natural material.

Candle holders

 Candle holder in rose and smoked glass.

Vases in ceramic

A great eye-catching vase in white ceramic - perfect for creating a contrast to elements of glass.

Vases in glass

Amazing vase with organic shape in black glass.

Artificial plants

Explore our range of beautiful, life-like artificial plants which brightens up dark corners in every room.

Baskets in waterhyacinth

Functional and decorative baskets in natural waterhyacinth - perfect for storage or as a decorative element.


A beautiful plant requires a beautiful flowerpot. Check out our selection of flowerpots - perfect sizes for the window or table.

Baskets in seagrass

 Check out our new baskets made of seagrass - great for storage, plants or decoration.


Explore our new baskets in seagrass and waterhyacinth - perfect for storage or decoration.


Cozyness is all about the details. Tiny jars for storage, teak trays for decoration or beautiful candle holders.

Planters and Vases

See our news of planters and vases in modern designs.


Check out our Madrid mirrors with the beautiful brushed finish on the edge - or our Palermo mirrors in organic shapes.

Outdoor baskets

Explore our exciting collection of baskets - perfect for planting flowers or for storage. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use as well.


Beautilful planters in fiberclay brighten up any corner on the terrace.


Large collection of lanterns - perfect for creating a cozy outdoor space.

Barcelona benches

A beautiful bench in teak creates cozyness. Discover our collection of outdoor benches here.